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Repair Price of iPhone X Screen Amounts to $279

Today iPhone X went on sale and with-it Apple shared some details about the repair pricing of the phone. Like the phone itself, the pricing is costly. If the user of iPhone X does not have an extended warranty then just a simple screen replacement would cost an amount of $279. The price is more than the cost incurred for replacing an iPhone 6 screen which is $129 and about sixty-five percent more than the cost of a new iPhone 8 screen which is $169.

It seems that one should be careful when handling with iPhone X as any other repair for out of warranty phone would be costing around $549. Again this price is far high than the repair price of other recent iPhones. iPhone 8 and 8 Plus repair costs are $349 and $399 respectively. Which means in case the glass back of one’s iPhone X or the iPhone 8 gets a crack or something then the individual has to live with it.

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AppleCare+ is Apple’s extended warranty which sometimes appears as a pricey deal. But for the iPhone X buyers, the purchase of this extended warranty appears to be the very much needed safety net. AppleCare+ cost is $199 for iPhone X. The extended warranty costs for iPhone 8 and 8 Plus are $129 and $149 respectively. While the warranty itself is costly, warranty services fees (which applies only to the cases of “accidental damage” repair) is constant. So if the iPhone X is still in warranty a screen repair of $29 can be achieved. And for $99 any other repair could also be availed provided that the phone is under warranty.

AppleCare+ purchase is more like some chance. Like for iPhone 8 if the screen change is needed then paying for the screen change out of warranty would be less costly than getting the replacement done once with warranty. The warranty would only be beneficial if something else might go wrong with the iPhone within the span of three years.

But for the iPhone X screen could be replaced twice under warranty for $257 than for single time out-of-warranty screen replacement for $279. Keeping in mind the cost an individual pays to get this phone which is of $1000, the insurance policy does not sound like a bad idea, also when it is covering all the repairs even when the phone just stops working by itself.

The repair prices are high and that’s not a surprise. Apple needs to contact Samsung for OLED panels on the front of iPhone X as Samsung is the only firm that can apply those screens, so for sure screen related repairs would definitely be pricey. And as already iPhone X is being supplied in smaller quantities due to manufacturing complications the price for repairs would for sure be higher.

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