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Report Says: Declining Interest of Customers in New Generation iPhones

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Analysts have utilized the search trends for summarizing that customers are showing lesser interest in the new generation iPhones.

As per the latest statistics report shared by the Citi Research Innovation Lab, the new iPhone models have not yielded that much sale as they have done so in the past.

The Analysts of Citi Research sent a note to the clients last week regarding a chart that they made that indicates declining interest in the latest iPhone models on a per year basis. The chart makes use of the number of Google Search requests generated from consumers regarding certain iPhone just before and after a particular iPhone is launched for catering the interest in each release.

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In spite of the decreasing trend, Citi Research still believes that the device could hold single-digit annual unit growth for the company, however, Apple says that it is not seeking the initiation of some super cycle.

The analysts have quoted a slowdown in the creativity and the saturation of the iPhone in the main markets because of the decreasing interest.

Although new features are added like the Face ID, edge-to-edge screen and water resistance, Citi Research says that more creativity was noticed in the last 4-5 years when the screen sizes were increasing and the camera was considerably improving on a per year basis.

It is pertinent to mention that Apple launched the iPhone XR at 3 am in the early morning hour on Friday, and as per Macworld during the late hours of the morning, almost all of the models were still in stock.

Lines outside the Apple stores when the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max went on sale were rather smaller than they had been in the past few years.

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