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Report shows “huge sloppiness” in the Tesla Model 3

A few weeks ago, there were reports of a dispute between automaker Tesla and Model 3 drivers. These are presumably sloppily manufactured pickups on the underside that Tesla does not want to repair. Now there is new information about the reported defects. Another report was made analyzing the construction flaws on Model 3.

The case is currently pending in the Munich I District Court. A Model 3 owner filed a lawsuit over being dissatisfied with a Tesla repair. Some torn jack stands were found on his vehicle. These sensors on the bottom ensure that the vehicle can be lifted on a lifting platform or that it can be retrieved safely in the event of a breakdown.

Allegedly just a “cosmetic problem”

Other Model 3 owners had also noticed these issues and have been swapping German ones for years Tesla Drivers and Friends Forum. Tesla considers this only a cosmetic problem, but a TÜV expert saw it differently: He confirmed that the errors are so large that the vehicle would not pass a general inspection. The assumption is that the construction could damage the batteries if the vehicle is lifted as a result of the defects.

Expensive repair

Tesla is likely to resist repairs because they come with significant costs. The appraiser estimated a price at more than 20,000 euros, plus depreciation of 4,500 euros for the vehicle. This is because the pickups cannot be easily replaced without extensive work or battery replacement. There are also indications that Tesla has been aware of the problem since 2017. According to EFahrer, a huge wave of lawsuits could roll toward Tesla.