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Researchers Indicated a New Flaw in WhatsApp

new flaw in WhatsApp

The researchers have found a new flaw in WhatsApp. The flaw could permit the hackers to change and send fake message to contacts and groups on the most famous social messaging application.

Check Point Software Technologies—an Israeli cybersecurity company on the 8th of August announced that they have found a new flaw in WhatsApp that permits the attackers/hackers to change messages and send them to different people.

Check Point mentioned that the defencelessness of the app could make it possible for a hacker to intercept and manipulate messages sent in groups or on private chats as well as create new content and spread false or fake information/news.

The Facebook owned messaging application is under high scrutiny following its use for spreading misinformation, owing to its popularity for forwarding texts to groups.

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In the month of July, WhatsApp made an announcement regarding putting a limit on forwarding messages, responding to threats by the Indian government after twenty people were slaughtered by crazy mobs after they were accused of kidnapping children and other crimes in viral messages crazily circulating on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp in response said that they have cautiously reviewed the matter and it is the equivalent to modifying an email to make it appear like something a person never created.

The social messaging application also said that this claim has got nothing to do with the security of end-to-end encryption, which assures that only the sender of the text and the message recipient could read messages sent on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp has placed a limit on forwarding messages. It has also started labelling the forwarded messages. The social messaging platform has made a series of alterations and modification to group chats for handling the challenge of misinformation.

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