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Robert Hallock: Technical Marketing Director leaves AMD after 12 years

He was with AMD for more than 12 years. Robert Hallock, most recently Head of Technical Marketing, is now leaving the company to take on new challenges. The departure comes as a surprise so shortly before the market launch of the new Ryzen 7000 platform.

Farewell after more than a decade

“After just over 12 adventurous years at AMD, I’m leaving the company to explore new opportunities and experiences,” he also writes AMD_Robert known Hallock, who should be known to ComputerBase readers from many a presentation. There are plenty of articles in the archive that mention his name. Initially working in product marketing and technical PR, Hallock was promoted to Director of Technical Marketing at AMD in July 2020.

His tasks also included bringing new technologies closer to fans and potential customers in the simplest possible way. For example, in various YouTube videos he explained what the 3D V-Cache is all about with certain AMD processors such as the Ryzen 7 5800X3D, or what the new DDR5 memory standard entails. But it was also part of Hallock’s job to communicate unpleasant topics for AMD, such as previous problems with a chipset driver or to comment on the noticeable current peaks in the Radeon RX 480. Alongside AMD CEO Lisa Su, Hallock has also been on the big stage for new launches from time to time.

Already on board with Ryzen 7000

The AMD veteran will now miss the biggest innovation of the year: When his colleagues celebrate the market launch of the new CPU generation Ryzen 7000 along with the new AM5 platform on September 27th and the first tests of this are to be expected, Robert Hallock will only be there a viewer. “It’s going to be weird reading the news and reviews with all of you. But also refreshing, because then there will be surprises for me again!” Hallock wrote on Reddit when he said goodbye.

On LinkedIn he thanks his many companions in what he considers an astonishingly small group of people in the industry. Now he wants to take some time, travel, and think about what happens next. But he probably doesn’t want to turn his back on the semiconductor industry entirely: “Now I’m not sure what’s going to happen next; I’ll take some time to travel and think about it. But if it looks a bit like what I’ve seen, lived, and loved at AMD, I’ll be grateful.”

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