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Robots At Your Service In A Restaurant In Hyderabad

The news of robots serving in restaurants keeps popping up. Last we heard about a restaurant in Multan, Pakistan, where a robot was working as a waiter. Now another news is circulating that in a restaurant in Hyderabad, a robot will serve you food. An Engineer named Syed Usama introduced the robot in the restaurant. He is a Pakistani Student who is an alumnus of National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST).

He said, “Customers are amazed by watching a robot serving in a restaurant.”


Customers’ opinion on a robot serving them food was

‘It is a great initiative, under the right direction for further development of Pakistan.’

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Others felt that ‘Kids would be appealed by robots serving them food.’

‘Something we used to watch in TVs and movies is now a reality,’ said another customer.

The customers took selfies with the robot and enjoyed thoroughly.

Usama, the founder of this robot also built the robot in a restaurant in Multan. Then he launched another one in Hyderabad. Let see in which city and restaurant of Pakistan we will find a robot serving us, next.