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Robots to Takeover Jobs in the UK

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Carl Benedikt Frey analyzed that robots have threatened to take over some high-paying jobs in the UK.

For long we have been dreaming of a world where we order robots to do our jobs. The movies we see all have been portraying the same. And now we’re on the verge to achieve our dreams.

But did we plan to sit doing nothing where robots take over? If these robots are to take our jobs, how we’re going to earn our food? We missed this part.

Carl Frey of Oxford University previously predicted that 35% of the jobs in the UK would be replacing humans with robots. And now he has analyzed which of the high-paying jobs could be found endangered.

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With his deep study, Carl has warned the human race to get ready of losing some high-paying jobs in the UK.

How would it sound if a robot is offering you an insurance?

Crazy, right? Although, it might sound amusing at the start when a robot walks into your office and describes you the benefits of insurance.

Carl predicted that the chance of replacing insurance agents with robots is now more than 97%. This news, however, is just for the UK nationals. But it could spread everywhere.

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With no doubt, this is a threat to the human race. But the CEOs and higher management would like this news. A one-time investment, with less efforts on training. And a cost to afford a robot would be less than the salaries paid out.

Just like insurance agents, real estate agents could face the same threats.

After insurance and real estate agents comes fellows working in postal services, credit analysts, and lab technicians. Credit analysts face the same level of threat as the real estate and insurance agents does. A further risk to postal service workers constitute to 95% and lab technicians face the threat at about 89%

Accountants and auditors are also not in the safe zone. Carl said that there are 93% chances that these sharp minds could also face troubles.

Now if you see for yourself, these jobs are considered to be best occupied by the middle class. Which further tells us that either this class would have to work even harder to stop this replacement and start moving upwards or would have to look for opportunities where robots aren’t yet a threat.

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High-paying Jobs with Less Threats

Doctors, dentists, and firefighters, are quite safe from the man-made mortals. But not for long. Scientists and researchers are pacing up their study to create smart robots. With judgments of a human, they’re working hard to create smart thinking robots.

A study says that these professionals are at a threat level of 1%.

Other low-risk jobs includes; psychiatrists, dieticians, nutrionists, detectives, magistrates, and judges.

Carl’s list of most endangered high-paying jobs in the UK is based on jobs paying out around £40,000. Even with an investment of more than this figure, it would sound a cost-effective alternative to replace humans with robots.

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How Could You Survive this Threat?

Robots are already among us. They’re working at supermarket tills, call centers, and bank counters – leaving the low class workers sit aimlessly. And now they are making their move to replace the middle-class. And soon it would be all around.

It seems hard to fight them. But for now, you could do one of the few things to survive in the long run.

Work harder – be more productive, invest in alternative schemes, and prepare yourself for the tough time. Or make your way to replace those sitting above you.

Work smarter – technology is replacing you, how about you dive in the same profession. Threats to researchers and scientists is to the minimum, for now. So why not choose a profession where you aren’t replaced but you become the cause of it (sounds selfish, right?)

Find alternatives – if you can’t make an entry to the above, why not find something where there is less threat? Even when studies are predicting a trend of replacing man-made technology with the God-made technology, there’ll be many how’d oppose this likeness.

This analysis from Carl Frey sounds daunting not only to the jobs. But it’s a threat to humankind. But he just shared what’d be happening in the UK. And it won’t last only in the UK, but all of us might have to face this same threats.

So, would you stand for more jobs for Britishers OR would you let robots takeover?

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