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Rumour: Suspected Huawei P50 Real Images Exposed

Yesterday. real images of suspected Huawei P50 were exposed on the Internet, but the appearance design of this phone is quite different from the previously exposed renderings. This phone is not so much the P series, it is better to say that the design style is closer to the Mate series, and people can’t help but suspect that this is the abandonment of the Mate40 series.

The front of this phone is very similar to the Huawei Mate40 Pro. Both adopt a waterfall screen and a front double-punch design. At the same time, the surrounding frame is extremely narrow, and there seems to be no earpiece on the front. It may use a micro-slit earpiece or screen sound technology.

On the back of the device, a circular camera module similar to the Mate30 is introduced, and it is not equipped with a periscope camera, and the Leica logo is also printed on the body.

But this phone looks more like a scrap case of the Mate series or a new phone that does not belong to the P series because Huawei’s flagship phone pays great attention to the inheritance and continuation of the design ID and the exquisiteness of the whole device. The real device exposed today indicates that the style is quite different from the P series and completely inconsistent with the latter’s refined style.

So in contrast, the previously exposed P50 series renderings may be closer to the real device as you can see that in the featured image above or the image below. After getting the camera details in the previous leak the closer renders of the Huawei P50 are likely to be with a large lens at the back.