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Rumours Suggest Meesha Shafi Might Be Moving to Canada Permanently

Following the huge controversy regarding Meesha Shafi accusing Ali Zafar of sexual harassment charges, reports have surfaced on the social media platforms that Meesha Shafi is intending to permanently move to Canada with her family—including her husband—Mahmood Rahman and her two children.

This development in Meesha’s life is pretty unexpected and shocking. In her recent tweet, she wrote that the ones who are trolling her after her openly made allegations against Ali Zafar are attempting to manipulate her emotionally.

As per reports, the Canadian Government has even issued the Permanent Resident cards to the children of the renown singer. The process of acquiring the citizenship starts after the candidates have lived in the country for like a period of nearly three years.

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Danish Amir a Twitter user tweeted that as per the reports, Meesha Shafi along with her husband and two children is planning to permanently relocate to Canada. Earlier she even deactivated her official Instagram and Facebook accounts.

Previously, Meesha accused Ali Zafar of harassing her on multiple occasions despite her being an independent, accomplished and a bold woman who speaks her mind out. While, Ali Zafar on the other hand denied all such allegations and sent her a legal notice asking her to either pay a legal fine of rupees hundred million or apologize.

As per the notice, a defamation suit would be filed against the lady singer if she would fail to provide an apology to Ali on the social media platforms within a span of two weeks.

Meesha Shafi and her family are yet to make any official announcement or statement regarding the rumoured relocation decision to Canada of the famous singer.

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