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Sales for GPU Units Increases by 13.4%


Earlier today, news came out from an analyst firm Jon Peddie Research stating that the sales for GPU units have increased by 13.4% over the past quarter.

The reports say that the research firm has been following the GPU market since 1987 and has said that Nvidia’s market share rose to 77% in the 3rd quarter, up from 73% compared to last year. AMD has gone through ups and downs during the year, but it presently stands at a market share of 23%.

GPU sales have been more vigorous than normal and this is thanks to the improved popularity of PC gaming and purchases at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Crypto mining also backed this increase.

The research company reports a healthy sales figure of 11.5 million in the quarter. This falls short of 114 million graphics cards sold in 1999, but that was before Intel started assimilating GPUs directly into their processors and before laptops grew in popularity.

The firm expects the GPU market to continue growing over the next few years as well. The founder of the firm Dr. Jon Peddie said that the AIB market reached $14.8 billion last year. The firm predicts it to be $20.3 billion by 2023.

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