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Samsung Again Mocked Apple in the New Ad

The competition between Apple and Samsung and many other companies is something that has become a trend kind of thing. Continuing with the trend of battling each other via advertisement, Samsung has again tried to attack Apple—it’s rival firm and the speed of iPhone in the new ad.

Samsung has a history of producing such ads in which Apple and its products especially iPhones are mocked openly. This time the downloading speed of the iPhone X is targeted by Samsung.

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The ad is thirty seconds long and is dubbed “Ingenius: Speed”. There is a conversation shown in the ad between a woman—Rosie and a salesperson of Apple inside the Apple Store. Rosie is shown complaining regarding the download speed of the iPhone X that the phone has not got the fastest download speed and that the phone was meant to be the “smartphone of the future”. The employee tries defending the phone by saying that that the phone is faster in comparison to the earlier phone launched by Apple. On this Rosie adds that Galaxy S9 is much faster than iPhone X. This comparative statement by Rosie leaves the salesman speechless.

As per Digital Trends, Samsung has claimed regarding getting its data from “Ookia’s Speed-test”—internet speed test, a test in which the downloading speeds of all the significant LTE carriers are compared, which is the basis for claiming that Galaxy S9 has got the fastest download speed. The report tells that that the speed of the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus is thirty-seven per cent more than that of iPhone X.

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