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Samsung and LG are seeking Apple to utilize microlens displays on iPhones

Considering the next series of iPhones, the biggest OLED manufacturers, i.e., Samsung and LG, have come forward with a new proposal. Reportedly, the two companies want to manufacture micro-lens array (MLA) OLED displays for Apple’s iPhone 16 series. Meanwhile, the Cupertino-based tech company is assessing the proposal before making any final decision.

What is MLA OLED technology?

MLA is an OLED display technique that aids in reducing the display’s power consumption or raising the brightness while maintaining the power consumption constant. It prevents refracting the light in different directions by directing the light’s path reflected inside the panel toward the screen with the help of tiny lenses. In this way, the viewing angle gets narrower. However, the results in brightness and power consumption are obvious.

Samsung is already using the MLA OLED tech on its Ultra flagships

For the last two years, the South Korean tech company has been using MLA OLED display technology on its flagship smartphones. First and foremost, the company used this display technology on the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. Following this, Samsung used this technology on subsequent Ultra flagships. Besides this, the company even supplies these displays to other companies, like Vivo.

On the other hand, LG is using this tech on TV screens. Although it hasn’t yet used the technology to make small-sized OLED panels, the company is sure that its MLA standards satisfy Apple’s specifications for the iPhone 16 display. In contrast to Samsung and LG, BOE is currently unable to manufacture MLA OLED displays given the fact that it is facing a patent lawsuit by Samsung. It might push Apple to accept this offer.

In addition to this, Apple has demanded the two OLED manufacturers improve the efficiency of OLED materials. Apple has not rejected the proposal; however, it might take its time before deciding anything. Right now, Apple is all set to debut the iPhone 15 series next week.

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