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Samsung Announced Galaxy A42 5G Version The Cheapest 5G Smartphone

Galaxy A42 5G

Samsung is best known for its Galaxy S series, but the real sales drivers come from the Galaxy A series. As reported earlier Galaxy A42 5G would be the cheapest 5G phone, Samsung is now making its cash cow compatible with the new generation of cellular networks. But there is still a lack of details.

Product presentation without details

Samsung presented a large number of new products today as part of its “Quasi-IFA Keynote” under the motto “Life Unstoppable”. In the mobile sector, this also includes the Samsung Galaxy A42 5G, which is due to come onto the market later this year. According to the manufacturer, it is his cheapest 5G-capable smartphone to date.

So far, only a few details are known about the new member of the Galaxy A series, because Samsung only promised that they want to offer a 6.6-inch Super AMOLED display. The official pictures published by Samsung show, among other things, a teardrop-shaped “notch” on the upper edge of the display, which was obviously designed as compact as possible.

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The flat OLED screen has relatively narrow bezels but comes with a certain “chin” at the lower end, which is probably due to cost savings with which Samsung is trying to lower the price of the Galaxy A42 5G. A large, square camera module with a total of four sensors can be seen on the back, which in addition to the main camera will probably be an ultra-wide-angle camera and a sensor for depth effects and macro images.

The stepped design of the back is also striking, and its aesthetic appeal is certainly an excellent argument. The Samsung Galaxy A42 5G is housed in a completely plastic housing, which kindly has an analog headphone jack.

Due to the thickness of the device shown above, it can be assumed that the new, cheapest 5G smartphone from the Koreans will also have a very large battery. Samsung has not yet decided when to give further details and to bring the Galaxy A42 onto the market.

via GSMArena