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Samsung appoints ex-Mercedes designer to head its smartphone Design Team

Samsung is looking forward to enriching its team with some experienced individuals. Recently, the news about the tech giant hiring the ex-Mercedes designer surfaced on the internet. In the official post by Samsung, it was confirmed that Hubert H. Lee will now work for the South Korean tech company. Samsung revealed that Lee will head the Design Team. Reportedly, the charge of EVP as well as the MX (Mobile eXperience) Design Team will be handed over to Lee. Previously, Lee performed as the Chief Design Officer of Mercedes-Benz China. This integration with the tech giant will bring forward vast experience of design and leadership of Lee to the company.

Lee has been recognized for his work as the Chief Design Officer at Mercedes-Benz China in both China as well as the USA. he has been rewarded with various recognition as well as leadership awards. His new role at Samsung will involve his contribution to designing Galaxy products. These products will range from Galaxy S and Galaxy Z series, the Galaxy tab, to the Galaxy Watch, and other such devices.

The official post noted that taking Hubert H. Le on the team will aid in bringing a new look as well as a fresh feel to the Galaxy products. It will be built on similar spirits that are cherished by millions of consumers worldwide. Furthermore, Lee added that he is quite enthusiastic to be a part of a company that is on verge of innovation in the mobile industry. he added that he is thrilled to lead the team and bring forward new mobile experiences by utilizing his art of design.

In addition to this, earlier this month, Samsung declared that it was hiring its first female president. Reportedly, Lee Young-Hee was appointed as the president of the Global Marketing Center for the Samsung DX (Device eXperience) division. This department is particularly associated with the administration of Samsung’s smartphone business.