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Samsung Boldly Mocks Apple in Its New Ad

The Apple vs Samsung ad war is not new, it had been seen before and it seems that it has started again as Samsung recently released a new advertisement in which it has boldly mocked Apple regarding its battery problems and notch.

A few months back, Apple’s battery related issue was in news and made many headlines, and now Apple’s biggest competitor Samsung is taking full advantage of it by slamming it in its most recent minute-long ad which is captioned as “Moving On”. The advertisement takes a dig at Apple’s decision to adjust the batteries of older iPhones.


The ad’s message is same as the previous ads, an upgrade to Samsung, this time by S9.

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The ad begins with an iPhone 6 user that is to present the boarding pass, however, her phone is way too slow whereas, another user of Galaxy S9 does that within a blink of an eye. Then there was a scene shown on the plane, where the iPhone users’ TV app takes longer to load whereas, Samsung Galaxy S9 user is happily enjoying it on his home already.

The girl on her way sees the Apple Store and goes there for assistance where she complains regarding the slow performance of her phone. The employee guides her to disable the performance management option for getting faster performance, but that causes her iPhone to randomly power down.

For making fun of the Apple’s notch design the girl also sees a man and his child with a notch hairstyle.

The ad concludes with the iPhone user upgrading to Galaxy S9.

The ad for sure is captivating, however, it has been criticized too as Samsung has compared its latest Galaxy S9 to Apple’s four years older iPhone 6 when Apple has launched improved and upgraded iPhones now.

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