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Samsung To Build Camera That Will Shoot 1000fps To Beat Sony

Samsung has reportedly working to build a mobile camera with on-chip memory that would shoot videos at blazing 1000fbs speed. Sony was the first company to build on-chip memory mobile camera featured in Xperia XZ Premium and XZs as well as XZ1.

The report suggests that Samsung is now working on building similar camera by November this month, Samsung might use that camera in next-generation Galaxy S phones.

On-Chip memory camera actually has the ability to store images on-chip and then got enough momentum to shoot so fast at 1000fps, the number of images is enough to produce good quality slow motion video. If the camera sends images to the RAM it would make it much slower leaving the phone unable to shoot at 1000fps.

Sony built a three-layer chip—pixels control logic and memory, whereas Samsung approach is little different, it uses a traditional two-layer chip which is then bonded to DRAM chip, this is to avoid infringing some patents.

But clearly, Samsung approach is not as sophisticated as Sony’s but the company has a clear advantage of having in-house factories which produce both sensors and chips. Sony, on the other hand, has to rely on Micron to get 1 GB chip.

Samsung currently uses a combination of Sony-made sensors and Samsung sensors for its phones. Galaxy S8 Korean and US models are different in that case, one uses Sony sensor and the other one uses Samsung sensor.

But as far as Camera quality is concerned Sony still has upper hand, but Samsung would also be able to produce a camera that may not be able to beat Sony cameras but as good as them.