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Samsung CMOS CIS Image Sensor Price Increased By 40%

Samsung CMOS CIS

According to the latest report, 5 million and 8 million pixel CIS used in low-end mobile phones is facing a serious shortage. Starting in December 2020, Samsung has increased the price of its CIS by 40%, while the prices of other CIS suppliers have also increased by about 20%.

Samsung is the world’s second-largest supplier of CIS image sensors. In order to expand the CMOS image sensor (CIS) shipments, Samsung has greatly increased UMC’s 28 nm ISP foundry orders in the first half of the year. The production capacity of the foundry is in short supply. It is reported that Samsung intends to invest in machines and equipment and deliver them to UMC for production to ensure production capacity. As for the details of the cooperation, the two parties are actively discussing and negotiating.

Earlier news pointed out that Samsung plans to reduce some DRAM production capacity to ensure that CIS chips are out of stock globally to meet the needs of this part of customers.

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