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Samsung collaborates with Seoul Metropolitan Government for a smart home project

It was unveiled via an official post that Samsung, Seoul Metropolitan Government, and KEPCO have joined hands for a new pilot project. The new project is the ‘Resident Demand Response (DR/Demand Response).’ The official post indicates that the partnership is aimed at providing energy-saving solutions to every household in order to lessen the usage of electricity.

Korea Power Exchange has released a DR. Less energy consumption relies on this DR. as a part of this DR service, every household is required to reduce energy consumption once or twice a week. The household is eligible for an incentive of KRW 1,000 for successful energy savings of 10% or more of average usage during the specified time (per successful reduction).

Seoul Metropolitan Government selects the household that participates in the DR service and grants them incentives upon completion of the standards. On the other hand, KEPCO [Korea Power Exchange Corporation] generates real-time energy data collection and a data linkage system for the selected households. According to sources, the integration of Samsung, the Seoul Metropolitan Government, and  KEPCO for a pilot project could help reduce almost 480,000kg of carbon dioxide emissions.

Energy can be efficiently managed by using Samsung’s SmartThings

Consumers can easily manage energy consumption by using SmartThings Energy by Samsung. It is dedicated to energy-related services. Samsung introduces several products with SmartThings integration. It provides products with an AI-saving mode. Ai saving mode inevitably reduces energy consumption based on several conditions like whether the user is using the device, etc.

Besides this, Samsung has introduced various Bespoke models of home appliances. these appliances have Wi-Fi connections. When the appliances are connected with SmartThings, the AI saving mode is activated. It then reduces energy consumption by up to 60%. In addition to this, SmartThings Energy has won various awards at the international level. Recently, it grabbed the Innovation Award during CES 2023.

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