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Samsung Continues Mocking Apple in More Ads

It is apparent that Samsung is not done with mocking Apple’s biggest release iPhone X. Samsung has released more advertisements in which it has mocked the various features of the iconic phone.

Recently Samsung released an ad in which a woman named Rosie was shown complaining and then comparing the download speeds of iPhone X with Galaxy S9 to an Apple representative at the Apple Store.

The advertisements are part of the “Ingenius” campaign that the South Korean manufacturer is running. The first ad of the series as mentioned mocked the download speeds of iPhone X.

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Some more ads have been released. In the new set of ads for the campaign, Samsung mocked the iPhone X’s camera, the no headphone jack and the lack of charging at a faster pace.

The ad demonstrates a conversation between a customer and the same Apple employee who was seen in the first ad in the Apple Store dealing with the customer—Rosie. The ad indicates on the fact that the Galaxy S9 of Samsung received a higher score in terms of the camera when compared to iPhone X in the DxOMark—in which Apple’s score was 97 and Samsung scored 99.


The second advertisement highlights the fact that iPhone X was released without a fast charger where as Samsung Galaxy S9 has got a fast charger. The ad also notifies that the Apple customers actually need to purchase fast charging adaptor and a USB cable separately, which costs them additional money.


The third released ad of the campaign makes fun of the manufacturer by removing the headphone jack for a better rating. The iPhone X users who do not feel like purchasing wireless headphone then have to buy an adaptor or a dongle which again is an additional expense.


All the ads released ends on the tagline “Upgrade to Galaxy”, thus proving that Samsung is sending messages to the customers by comparing such features that makes Samsung Galaxy S9 a better choice than iPhone X for the users.

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