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Samsung CRG9 screen is perfect for gamers


Samsung will flaunt three new screens at CES – one aimed for saving space, another for gamers and a curved screen equipped towards content creators.

The first is Samsung’s Space Monitor, which accompanies a completely coordinated arm that can append to the edge of a work area, giving you more space to work. You can modify it to your comfort and push it back level against the wall when you’re not utilizing it, enabling you to expand work area space when required. The 27-inch model highlights QHD resolution, while the 32-model offers 4K UHD, and you can bolster the majority of your links through the arm to keep them sorted out and off the beaten path.

For gamers, Samsung has the CRG9, a super ultra-wide screen equivalent to two side by side 27-inch 16:9 screens. The CRG9 highlights a 120Hz refresh rate, double QHD resolution, HDR10 and a peak brightness of 1,000 nits. It additionally offers picture-by-picture functionality and a little stand size for proficient space use.

Finally, Samsung is revealing its UR59C 32-inch screen, which flaunts a curved display with 3840×2160 4K UHD resolution. It additionally includes a thin structure, simply 6.7mm deep, and a two pronged base that limits how much space it takes up in your workspace.

The Space Monitor and UR59C are accessible for pre-order now through Samsung.com. Samsung says the CRG9 will be accessible in the not so distant future.

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Image via Samsung global newsroom

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