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Samsung Develops Samsung Coin Cryptocurrency

Samsung has started developing Samsung Coin Cryptocurrency, as per CoinDesk Korea. When it first launches, the blockchain will be locked down and then it will be open to the public soon after.

It was noted by CoinDesk Korea, quoting an anonymous source familiar with the matter said that Samsung has set up a task-force to research and develop its blockchain network for 2019.

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The same source also disclosed that Samsung is working on other services as well but as of yet it is not known what are those services, what purpose they would serve and what would be their function.

The source said, “We expect Samsung Coin to come out in the market, but the direction has not yet been decided.”

Further adding, “Right now I am thinking of [Samsung Coin] as a private blockchain, but it has not yet been confirmed. It could go public chain in the future, but I think it will go to a hybrid type of public and private mixed right now.”

It must be noted here that it seems that Samsung built its Blockchain KeyStore cryptocurrency wallet to pave the path for Samsung coin introduction. Samsung has as of yet neither confirmed nor rejected this news.