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Samsung DeX Lets you run Linux on your phone

Samsung’s Dex is an innovative gadget which turns your phone into a desktop computer experience. But you may not use it if you already have a PC, but Samsung Dex becomes handy when you received or saved various files, apps on your mobile and now you wish to experience it on PC. It’s quite handy for developers and testers to run their phone on PC and now they can even run Linux on their phones and eventually on PC screen using Samsung Dex.

Samsung has recently unveiled its new app-based offering “Linux on Galaxy” which let users run Linux distributions directly on their phone. Seemingly, it is aimed at developers/testers who wish to carry their entire office along with them and work from anywhere.

Users can just dock at the remote office they set up will be the same every time they use it. However, it is not exactly the same like typical Ubuntu or Debian Install, Linux on Galaxy runs through an app using the same kernel as Android uses itself, this is to enhance the performance of Linux on Galaxy running on the smartphone.

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If it sounds too good and complies with your working conditions then you probably looking for this handy solution, but you have to be patient, Linux on Galaxy is not available at the moment, you can keep an eye and stay connected with alerts by Signing up.

The product is not ready yet for the public, Samsung might have launched an enhanced Dex capabilities long ago if there were many people using their phones as desktops. Ostensibly, Samsung is looking to build its ecosystem, the way newer technology is replacing the older one, it’s not too far when smartphones will completely replace the laptops and desktops.