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Samsung In Direct Competition With Tesla As It Reveals Electric Car Batteries

The main aim of car companies all around the world is to introduce an electric car that can run as many miles on a single charge that a petrol powered car can in a single fuel tank. Moreover, a car’s fuel tank can be filled in a couple of minutes but for electric cars, it takes hours to charge the battery.

In current times Tesla Motors leads with its high-powered electric cars. The company’s cars can run 200 miles on a single charge. The price of Tesla cars is extremely high though. Cars like Mercedes, BMW, and Audi will eat up all your money if you want to own them. On the other hand, there are companies like Nissan, Renault that is trying to come up with cheaper electric cars.

The competition here is not just between automakers, it is also with the battery manufacturers. Each company is trying to offer something better than the other.

Now Samsung has revealed a special battery that will ensure that the electric car can run 600 to 700 km on a single charge. What is known about the battery unveiled by Samsung is that the company has developed cylindrical battery cells that are known as 2170 battery cells. These are the same cells used by Tesla. So is Samsung in an open competition with Tesla?

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We don’t know more information about Samsung new battery but the offer is clear. Samsung wants to introduce batteries for electric cars that can cover more miles on full charge compared to batteries offered by other companies. Will this new battery by Samsung beat Tesla, is something yet to be seen.

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