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Samsung Foldable Galaxy X Leaked Accidently

Samsung Foldable Phone

Samsung is planning to launch Galaxy S10 phones and its foldable Galaxy X phone sometime later in February. But accidently a promotional video of the Samsung devices got leaked and its gives a glimpse of both the foldable device and Galaxy S10.

According to reports the video was uploaded by Samsung Vietnam and it was deleted immediately.

In the very short teaser, a few Samsung devices are revealed performing futuristic tasks including the Minority Report style fashion design to an ultrasound attachment on a Galaxy smartphone.

In the middle of the video it can be seen that a lady is unfolding a foldable smartphone. This phone could possibly be the yet to launch Samsung Foldable phone. The device shaped like a book looks much like what Samsung demoed in 2018.

The size and shape of the phone are quite similar to Note 9. The phone has three displays, one is the foldable display that can be seen when the device unfolds, then is the front-facing screen that changes into a smartphone when it is folded.

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It also appears that both sides of the foldable phone are not equally thick. The front-facing display seems to be just a display. All the device essentials seem to be at the back of the phone where the back cameras are.

Here is the leaked video