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Samsung Freestyle: Mini projector in headlight look is a CES highlight


From focusing to keystone correction: the portable freestyle projector from Samsung automatically does what is annoying in everyday projector life. A real CES highlight.
Samsung presents the portable projector Freestyle. (Source: Samsung)

  • The Samsung Freestyle projector projects an image up to 100 inches in size at a distance of 2.7 meters from the wall.
  • The brightness is 550 lumens.
  • With a weight of 830 grams, the device is portable.

The CES in Las Vegas is running. Companies such as Acer or Lenovo showed innovations in advance and Samsung also showed the first highlight with the Galaxy S21 FE. The portable “Freestyle” projector is another one.

The maximum brightness of 550 lumens, however, requires a darkened room or the evening hours for an evening at the cinema. The 17.2 x 10.1 x 9.4 cm projector has an integrated rotating base and a loudspeaker. If you are not currently watching a film, you can play a light show synchronized to the music on the projector. The connection to the iPhone or Android smartphone is wireless. There is also an HDMI input. Although the projector is portable, Samsung has not given it a battery. Power is supplied via USB-C. The focus and the keystone correction are carried out automatically. Users can therefore also throw pictures on the wall or canvas from an oblique angle.

Price and availability

The Samsung projector is sold initially in the USA. He’ll probably come to Germany too. Prices in euros have not yet been determined. In the US, the projector costs $ 900 for pre-order.