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Samsung Galaxy Book Pro Ultra Thin Back Panel Damages After Heavy Use

Galaxy Book Pro

Samsung’s new ultra-thin laptop Galaxy Book Pro was recently presented, according to initial tests, the device is proven to be “ultra-thin” in terms of the housing material. The testers even say that the magnesium housing “wrinkles” when heated.

As a Twitter user, FrontTron and some Korean publications show, Samsung may have gone a little too far in its efforts to make the Galaxy Book Pro as thin and light as possible. According to the reports, the magnesium alloy case is apparently so thin that it almost acts like paper.

Not only can the device bend much more than is the case with similar ultralight notebooks such as the LG Gram series, but it also seems to have a number of other quality problems. Devices that have been sold to end customers in South Korea show that the case is making waves on the underside after a long period of heavy use. The whole thing then looks like damp paper curls.

In addition, there is talk of poor processing of the CNC-milled housing and extremely low material thickness. Clicks on the trackpad can be caused by simply twisting the main part of the laptop. Videos also show that the surface of the case can be indented extremely easily. The material behaves more like paper than metal so that even the components underneath should be clearly palpable.

The Samsung Galaxy Book Pro is marketed by its manufacturer as an extremely light, high-performance notebook that weighs only 890 grams in the version with a 13-inch display. In addition, a version with a completely foldable display is available, the Galaxy Book Pro 360. In this model, despite the similarity of names, the case is much thicker and more stable, so that it weighs more, but according to initial tests, it does not have the same problems.

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