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Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro To Support 3D Audio, Head Detection, And Automatic Ambient Sound

Galaxy Buds Pro

While releasing the new Galaxy S21 seriesSamsung will also bring a new headset product Galaxy Buds Pro. In addition to the known support for active noise reduction, other functions of the product have also been exposed recently.

Recently, Reddit user @TheBone found in an app that is suspected of Samsung headphones that Galaxy Buds Pro supports 3D audio, head detection, automatic ambient sound, and hearing enhancement.

It is reported that the 3D audio and head detection function uses the built-in gyroscope of the headset to achieve virtual 3D sound effects when watching videos. This function is currently only available on Android 11 devices running One UI.

This function allows you to experience cinema-level immersive surround sound on headphones. Through 3D audio technology, the movement of the head and equipment can be tracked, giving the sound source a “sense of direction”.

Earlier, Apple has added this feature to AirPods Pro in the iOS 14 firmware.

In addition, Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro also supports automatic ambient sound mode, which enables users to automatically turn on transparent mode and reduce media volume when talking with people.

In other respects, the headset has active noise reduction, moderate noise reduction, and transparency modes, and at the same time adds a hearing enhancement function to adjust the volume balance of the left and right headphones.

From a functional point of view, Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro is similar to Apple AirPods Pro, but the former has an automatic ambient sound mode that the latter does not have. This function may be the key for Samsung to surpass Apple in the field of headphones. Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro is expected to debut with the S21 series on January 14 next year.