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Samsung Galaxy J7 Core and J7 Pro let you use Dual Messengers

Samsung has added new dual messenger feature to its new smartphones Samsung Galaxy J7 Core and Samsung Galaxy J7 pro. It’s quite obvious if you have two SIM card slots and two SIM cards inserted in your phone and have two different phone numbers then you most probably want to use you’re both numbers with separate accounts on the apps especially with WhatsApp.

Now without installing any third-party app and making duplicate apps on your phone, Samsung lets you use dual apps that are most common such as Facebook Messenger, Skype, WhatsApp and some others.

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Users were able to install dual apps on their Android devices with the third-party app such as parallel space, if you are not using Samsung Galaxy J7 Core or J7 Pro then you can try parallel space to install dual apps on your phone.

But Samsung support to install dual messengers is quick, easy and reliable as compared to third-party apps, these apps sometimes stop working in the background and your dual apps may become unresponsive unless you open them yourself. Due to this some important updates, notifications can also be missed.

Samsung has come up with an ultimate solution of using dual apps on your device, that runs apps simultaneously without affecting the use of dual apps and background processes.

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image via Samsung