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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 can be World’s First Mass-Market 1TB Smartphone

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will feature 512 GB storage and 8 GB RAM as per Ice Universe. Ice Universe believes that Samsung is eyeing to double Note 9’s storage to 512GB and increase its RAM to 8GB. It will be the first time any Samsung Galaxy phone will feature such immense battery and RAM.

It is pertinent to mention that Galaxy Note 9 phone will have its microSD slot which will be compatible with 512GB storage. So, all in all, it means that Samsung Galaxy Note 9 can be the first mass-market 1TB-capable smartphone.

Furthermore, the recently released Galaxy S9 just had 4GB of RAM, but if we believe the news reports, Samsung Galaxy Note 9 RAM will double to 8GB.

The catch here is that Ice Universe claims that you will have both these updates on new Samsung Note phone “If you are lucky”. This means that Samsung is working on these updates but we aren’t sure if they will be done ahead of the release of Samsung Galaxy Note 9 smartphone.

Even if the updates are not seen in Samsung Galaxy Note 9 phone we can for sure expect them in Galaxy S10 smartphone.

We also informed our readers about the first image of Galaxy Note 9. It looked sleek and it does not have an in-screen fingerprint sensor. The Note 9 is expected to be bigger in size compared to Note 8 and the S9 and S9 Plus. The phablet is expected to be released in August this year. It will cost around $929. Galaxy Note 9 codenamed SM-N960F along with having 8GB RAM will be powered by Android 8.1.0, the chip is the most powerful of Samsung’s homegrown chips the Exynos 9815 Octa-core.

We can expect the phone to release in September, October in Pakistan. 

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