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Samsung Galaxy Note10 Receives Android 12 Update In US and Canada

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 5G and Note 10+ 5G

Samsung is spending the past several years turning itself into an Android OEM that is among the best. The schedule for updates has become extremely aggressive, keeping its devices longer than ever before and often beating Google to the beat on regular patches. Android 12 is the culmination of its hard work to speedily update its phones. And the latest device line is receiving new software.

One month after Samsung introduced Android 12 for Galaxy Note10 users in Europe and the US, Qualcomm-based models on T-Mobile get a similar treatment. Note10, Note10+, and the Note10Note10+ Note10+, as well as the Note10plus 5G will all be upgraded in One UI 4, with Android 12 providing the backbone of these models. This isn’t limited to the Magenta carrier, either, as SamMobile says that the software is available for all carriers’ versions across Canada and the US as well as Canada.

As we discussed the subject in the One UI 4 review, Samsung has done an excellent job of integrating its customizations with Google’s most recent modifications to Android. Note10 users have all the security and privacy improvements as Pixel devices that come with the company’s version of its software. Although not everyone is a fan of One UI — especially when it comes to some changes, as its take of dynamic theme themes doesn’t be compared to Google’s own first-party offerings, it’s definitely better than third-party skins. Extra points for upgrading phones in 2019 this quickly. Other OEMs surely would have to wait due to the sheer amount of Samsung’s hardware inventory.

The update isn’t able to contain February’s security patch which is already rolling out to other devices across the world. However, if you’re still running a Note 10 device that’s in America or Canada, US or Canada be sure to be on the lookout for an update to the software in the next few days. It might be a way to keep you safe as you wait for further discounts on the yet-to-be-announced Galaxy S22 Ultra.