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Samsung Galaxy S10 Has a Serious Security Flaw: Can be Unlocked With Any Fingerprint

When Samsung launched its Galaxy S10 the company claimed the fingerprint sensor to be secure and robust, however, a recent report by BBC confirms that Samsung Galaxy S10 fingerprint has a serious security flaw and it can be unlocked with any fingerprint of any person.

According to the details, a British couple has reported this flaw, the issue was with a British Women’s phone which was easily unlocked by her husband’s finger while the phone was sitting in a cheap phone case.

Air gap problem

The fingerprint scanner sends ultrasounds to detect 3D ridges of fingerprints in order to recognize the user’s finger, the problem arises due to the cheap phone cases which leave an air gap between the fingerprint scanner and the user’s finger causing it malfunctioning.

Samsung has informed users that they are aware of the issue and working on releasing the patch as soon as possible. Samsung has also advised users to disable the fingerprint feature until the fix is issued.

Samsung closes its last manufacturing plant in China

South Korean online Bank also issued warning to the users of Galaxy S10 to disable the fingerprint feature until the company releases a fix for that.

According to the details, Lisa Neilson, Galaxy S10 owner told Sun News that she bought a new gel screen protector from eBay for £2.70 and after that she registered her right thumb to unlock the device, she later spotted that her left thumb impression which was not registered on the phone was also able to unlock the phone. She then asked her husband to try unlocking the phone, surprisingly; he was able to unlock the device with both thumb impressions.

When they applied the same screen protector to another relative phone the same thing happened again.

Watch The Screen Protector While we have not tested the devices in details but some screen protectors may be able to cause these serious security issues to other devices. You are advised to check and confirm that which screen protector you are using and always watch for the screen protector you use on your phone.