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Samsung Galaxy S10 Leaks indicate 93% screen-to-body ratio 5G and AI features

Since the rumors keep alive the phone market alive and rumors about the Galaxy S9 are not dead yet, another critical rumor surface on the web, Samsung Galaxy S10 with 93% screen-to-body ratio and having features like 5G and AI chip creates wows in the rumors market itself. By the time the device hits the market it might be named Galaxy S X or something else. However, the influx of rumors about Galaxy S10 is considered too early in this case.

The new leaks suggest that Samsung’s new S series flagship would be resetting the trends in the mobile market, the Galaxy S10 will feature a whopping 93% screen-to-body ratio. This can be very much true as we have seen incredible user demand and acceptance towards full-screen 18:9 screen to body ratio, Samsung might give more to the users in this flagship.

The South Korean giant would probably stress bottom bezels to make more space for display, also if this applies would incorporate in screen fingerprint scanner. Pretty much doable for Samsung as the company has already announced working on screens that are foldable.

The earlier news suggests that Samsung S10 would beat the competition significantly and take over Apple, there were also rumors about the foldable Galaxy X, another interesting leak suggests that Samsung would launch Galaxy S10 with screens on both sides.

Still very much in the air, what more likely is the features we discussed in the beginning, 3D facial recognition and AI support are the two major features that could set the new trends for the coming years.

Not being skeptical about 5G technology which is pretty much in the middle of development, Nokia has already announced 5G chip technology plans to take control of hardware market. In 2019, we will start seeing the number of devices carrying 5G technology as telecoms and OEMs working hard to kick-start new high-speed era.

Apart from Samsung Huawei, Oppo, ZTE, Qualcomm, are also working on 5G phones for the year 2019.

The Samsung S10 will be 5G supportive, a better UFS 3.0 and LPDDR5 RAM are also speculated to be on the phone. Whatever is true in the leak, Samsung Galaxy S10 would be one of the hottest phones in the market for sure.