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Samsung Galaxy S10 Screen gets the highest A+ ratings in the history

There is no doubt that Samsung display panels are the ones that are the best in the market, even Apple uses Samsung displays in their iPhones.

According to a professional rating agency DisplayMate, Samsung Galaxy S10 wins the highest rating of A+ from the agency and becomes the number 1 display screen on the market by eliminating iPhone XS last time which also received A+ rating last year, the iPhone XS has OLED display which was again supplied by Samsung.

The company is famous in rating screens and displays of mobile phone manufacturers; according to the company the current display of Samsung Galaxy S10 at a limited resolution exceeds 3K, Samsung Galaxy S10 display also focuses on color accuracy, its OLED display panel produces absolute image quality as well as the absolute color accuracy.

According to the details, Samsung Galaxy S10 has hit the 13 new records of display among all smartphones available to date, the phone has exceeded the display performance of all smartphones.

Here are the highlights of Galaxy S10 Display

S10 has the Best absolute color accuracy*

S10 has the Best image contrast accuracy and intensity grading accuracy*

S10 has the Minimum peak image difference at peak brightness

The color accuracy and intensity level of the image content are minimally offset

The phone has the highest full-screen brightness OLED smart phones

Its Peak display brightness is the highest

The phone also has The highest color gamut in the unit

It records the Highest contrast

The device comes with Lowest screen reflectivity

It also has the Highest contrast rating under ambient light

S10 has the Minimum brightness change when viewing angle is switched

S10 screen has the color change of the white viewing angle is minimal It also has the Maximum visible screen resolution (3K @ 3040×1440)

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