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Samsung Galaxy S21 Charger Will Not Be Delivered With The Phone

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It was reported five months ago that after seeing Apple, not including the charger in the box, Samsung would follow the trend, now it’s getting more and more limpid. The latest news sources confirm that Samsung will not include a charger with the new upcoming Galaxy S21, here are the thoughts about Samsung Not including a charger in Galaxy S21 box.


Samsung apparently won’t offer a charger with the Galaxy S21 in some regions when it launches early next year. Evidence was first spotted by Tecnoblog, which points to a filing with ANATEL in Brazil — essentially the country’s equivalent to the FCC in the U.S. — that reveals the change, according to Xda-developers.

Samsung has been rumored to be making the change since July, with a report claiming Samsung would soon ship its smartphones without a charger in the box. If true, it could be construed as hypocritical from Samsung, who previously mocked Apple for pulling a similar move with the iPhone 12 series. To add further weight to the hypocrisy, Samsung appears to have deleted the Facebook posts it made that mocked Apple shortly after the iPhone 12 series was introduced.

It’s not the first time Samsung has had egg on its face. The company previously made fun of Apple for ditching the headphone jack, only to do the same thing with the Galaxy Note 10.

It’s worth noting that the filing for the Galaxy S21 was spotted in Brazil, so it may not prove true in every region across the globe. The possible good news is if you’re in a region where Samsung doesn’t ship the Galaxy S21 with a charger, the company may provide one free of charge. When the Galaxy Note 20 launched without AKG headphones in the U.S., the company provided them for free to those who requested one.

Ironically, Apple might be forced to include a power adapter with its iPhone 12 series in Brazil, as pointed out by 9to5Mac, so we’re not sure how this will pan out in the country if it happens.

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For anyone who has paid attention, we could see this coming from a mile away. Not only have there been rumors about Samsung making such a move, but now that Apple has done it, others were likely to follow. We said as much in October when we analyzed what trends the iPhone 12 would set for smartphones in 2021. It looks like the lack of a power brick will indeed be adopted by other OEMs.

One thing we do know is Samsung is said to be preparing for an Unpacked event in early January, which is just around the corner. There have been plenty of rumors and leaks about the Galaxy S21 series, and we even got our first alleged real-world look at the device just this week. We should know if Samsung is getting rid of the power adapter when the Galaxy S21 launches in January.


Samsung Galaxy S21 is all set to be the company’s newest generation swashbuckling flagship smartphone when it launches at the January 2021 Galaxy Unpacked event. However, as leaks and rumors continue to pour in from all fronts, one particular report seemingly piques the interest more than the standard specifications and renders that we see on a regular basis. The report comes courtesy a Brazil technology blog, which reveals the certification document that Samsung received from Brazil’s electronics certification body, Anatel. According to this report, it seems that certain regions where Samsung would sell its Galaxy S21 series phones would actually receive the devices without an included charging adapter. The move essentially follows what Apple did to its iPhones post announcement of its iPhone 12 series — a move that Samsung apparently cashed in on, to jab a couple of witty one-liners towards Apple.

Now, however, Samsung appears to be doing the same, if the said report holds true. The move itself is not surprising — after Apple chose to go the non-charger way with its iPhone 12 series devices, smartphone OEMs around the world have been expected to do the same, eventually. Samsung, meanwhile, sent a couple of wry one-liners Apple’s way for choosing to not offer a charger with its iPhones. Keen-eyed observers at XDA Developers also happened to notice that not only did Samsung make fun of Apple for the no-charger smartphone packaging, they’ve also seemingly removed these posts from their social media handles as the Galaxy S21 nears its launch. Such a move is certain to draw an equivalent level of mockery from other quarters of the industry, since such a move by Samsung would qualify as a wee bit of hypocrisy on the company’s behalf.

Nevertheless, reports suggest that Samsung may not choose to implement its decision in a blanket jump that applies the no-charger inbox rule in all markets. This apparently also suggests that in markets where Samsung would ship its flagship phones without the charging adapter, it will provide one if users of its phones ask for it. Samsung seemingly did the same when it shipped its Galaxy Note20 devices in the USA earlier this year without bundled AKG headphones.

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Going forward, more OEMs are expected to take the no-charger approach to packaging its phones, with the primary rationale behind the move being an attempt towards sustainability. With most of us already having USB-A or USB-C charging adapters at home, it would not really affect buyers to not receive a new charging adapter every time they buy a new phone. Plus, with the universal availability of USB charging spots, the foremost thing that brands must focus on going forward is to standardise their fast charging standards, which will truly ensure that not having a proprietary fast charging adapter in the smartphone box would actually be absolutely alright. Until then, though, the move might pose some issue for buyers looking to switch brands as well with their new smartphone purchases.


When Apple removed the earphone jack from the iPhone 7, a number of manufacturers mocked the Cupertino-based company before following suit and removing the connector from their own phones too. This year, Apple decided not to ship its new iPhones with chargers and it has been made fun of by different manufacturers including Samsung. Now, evidence has surfaced that shows the Korean giant will not include a charger in the box of the upcoming Galaxy S21 series.

There have been reports that Samsung will not ship its 2021 flagships with a charger following news of Apple starting the trend with the iPhone 12. While there was no confirmation and seeing that Samsung itself mocked Apple on Facebook for not including a charger in the box. The post which has now been deleted shows that Samsung may be shamelessly doing what it accused Apple of.

The evidence that the Galaxy S21 series will not ship with a charger comes from an ANATEL (Brazil’s equivalent of the U.S.’ FCC) certification that reveals the three phones will not ship with a charger and earphones. The news was first reported by Tecnoblog.

A translation of the portion of the certification document (pictured above) says that “The cellphone will not be sold with a power supply” but adds that the devices were tested with two Samsung chargers with model numbers EP-TA800 and EP-TA800B. It also says that the cellphones will not be sold with headphones but three headphones with model numbers GH59-15106A, GH59-15107A, and GH59-15403A were provided for testing.

However, there is a chance that buyers of the Galaxy S21 series in Brazil, at least, will get a charger and headset considering the country is forcing Apple to include a charger with the iPhone 12 models sold there. So while you won’t find one in the box, you should get one if you request it. Samsung will definitely not be the only one that won’t include a charger in the box of its phones next year. You can be sure a number of other manufacturers will follow suit until it sort of becomes standard, at least for flagship phones.

After all this, it is now clear that Samsung will not ship Galaxy S21 with charger in several countries except a few, the option will generate more revenue for the company while cutting costs. Samsung has not made it clear that it will continue this trend for future generations but it seems Samsung would only do that for flagships and not for all the devices.