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Samsung Galaxy S21 Official Teaser Video Surfaces

S21 Video teaser

The flow of indiscretions on the next top range of the South Korean manufacturer shows no signs of slowing down, on the contrary in recent days the leaks on the Samsung Galaxy S21, S21 + and S21 Ultra have multiplied: on Monday the photo of the back of the S21 + was published. S21 Ultra which provided details on the characteristics of the cameras, yesterday it was the turn of the screen protectors and in the last hours, the official video teasers of the trio of smartphones arrived. The videos confirm important details on the three models: from the colors to some technical characteristics to get to the same commercial standards that seem to actually coincide with those indicated by the previous rumors.

S21 Ultra 5G

the video confirms the black coloring and the eye-catching rear camera module that houses four lenses, plus a fourth sensor for laser focus. Specifically, the periscope module with 10MP sensor and 10x zoom, the main 108MP sensor, a second 10MP sensor combined with a 3x telephoto lens, and finally the 12MP sensor combined with an ultra-wide-angle lens will be found. The body and camera module have a different finish (the camera module is glossy, the rest of the body is more opaque). On the front of the smartphone, you can find the hole located in the upper part of the screen that houses the front camera. Another evident detail from the video is the curvature of the display edges that was also suggested by the screen protector film leaked yesterday.

S21 5G and S21 + 5G

the considerations relating to the two models can be merged, given that the details that emerged from the respective films are the same. The design of the two smartphones is the same – as previously emerged, the diagonal of the screen changes, which should be equal to 6.3 “for S21 and 6.7” for S21 +. Both are equipped with a triple rear camera, housed in a rectangular module with smaller dimensions than that of the Ultra. The features of the rear cameras are common to both: 12MP main sensor, 12MP second sensor combined with an ultra-wide-angle lens, and 64MP sensor combined with a telephoto lens. The models shown in the video are presented with a purple body(Phantom Violet), while the element that encloses the rear cameras has a bronze finish. The same bronze color is found in part of the frame that runs along the perimeter of the device. Two other details are noteworthy: there is also in this case the front camera housed in the hole located at the top of the screen, while the edges of the display are flat and not curved as in the older brother S21 Ultra. There is a last detail not evident in the video but reconfirmed by the source: S21 5G and S21 +, very similar in characteristics, will differ in battery capacity (respectively from 4,000 mAh and 4,800 mAh according to previous rumors ).

Also according to the sources of Android Police, the presentation date of the Galaxy S21 range is set for next January 14, with actual availability on the market expected in the following two weeks (therefore indicatively starting from January 29). There is a final detail that, if confirmed, would be good for potential buyers: the prices will be lower than those of the current Galaxy S20 range.