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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3, Z Flip 3, And Watch 4 Preorders Delayed

Samsung apparently has some problems in delivering the required numbers of new smartphones with a foldable display, which have been advertised with enormous effort. Some European customers are currently receiving the message that they will receive their Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 or Galaxy Z Flip 3 later than planned.

According to the report, Samsung is currently sending emails to pre-orderers who have ordered the new smartphones with folding displays and the new smartwatches of the Galaxy Watch 4 series that Samsung will not be able to meet the promised delivery date at the end of August. The reason given is the unexpectedly high demand.

As can be seen from the mail to the Samsung customers. the affected customers will not receive their devices until mid-September. So it will take around two weeks longer for the devices to reach buyers. This apparently not only affects the Galaxy Z Fold 3, which costs at least 1799 euros but also the Galaxy Z Flip 3 and the Galaxy Watch 4 models, which are significantly cheaper with an entry price of 1049 euros.

Samsung is pleased with high demand and disappoints customers

We are pleased that the new products are so well received by customers, but because of “this high demand there are unforeseen delivery bottlenecks”. Samsung says it is working flat out to deliver the pre-ordered devices to all customers. Therefore ask the customers for their forgiveness and patience.

Samsung officially presented the new devices on August 11th and started accepting pre-orders almost immediately. The company has also been supplying some pre-orderers with the first devices since yesterday, August 23, before regular retailers will start selling the new devices on August 27, 2021.

Just today, the Korean media reported that in South Korea alone there were probably 800,000 pre-orders for the new smartphones with foldable OLED screens. The pre-orders alone would have already exceeded the total sales figures for the last generation of devices. Worldwide, therefore, there should be a few million pre-orders, which Samsung apparently did not expect.