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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 & Z Flip 4: Information about the batteries revealed

Samsung will probably not present its next generation of smartphones with a foldable display until August or September, but various databases are already revealing the first details. It is clear, among other things, how large the batteries of the Flip4 and Fold4 will be. Like the site Galaxy Club and the Twitter leaker Ice Universe every report that the Galaxy Z Fold4 should get a 4400mAh battery as it is already installed in the current predecessor model. The power storage will probably be divided again so that one battery cell finds its place in one of the two halves of the housing.

The flip model gets a bigger battery

While the battery capacity of the Fold4 has not changed, fans of foldable smartphones with a vertical orientation can look forward to a larger battery and thus longer runtime with the Galaxy Z Flip4. With the cheaper of the two Samsung smartphones with a foldable display, the battery grows considerably.

The battery of the Galaxy Z Flip 4 is said to offer a capacity of 3700mAh, which would be a clear advantage over the 3300mAh of the previous model. How Samsung will achieve this is currently unclear, although it is conceivable that a battery with a higher density is used or that the components in the two halves of the housing have shrunk further. Samsung also apparently keeps the charging capacity of the two new Galaxy Z smartphones with a foldable display.

According to a database of the Chinese authorities, the devices, whose model numbers SM-F721(0) and SM-F936(0) each support power supplies with a maximum of 25 watts. Thanks to Samsung’s Super FastCharging, they can be recharged relatively quickly, but they do not achieve the same fast charging speeds as some other manufacturers with charging capacities of 40, 60, or even more than 100 watts.