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Samsung Introduces “AltZLife” An Ultimate Private Mode For Galaxy A51 And A71 In India

Galaxy A51 update

Samsung has recently launched an ultimate private mode feature on some Galaxy smartphones. This clever feature allows Samsung smartphone users to quickly switch between normal mode and private mode by double-clicking the power button, but this is not the full function of private mode, according to GSMArena.

Samsung is bringing a series of important security features to several smartphones, it was reported earlier that update brought more features to Samsung Galaxy A51 and A71. Now it is discovered that update is called AltZLife and is currently only available on Galaxy A51 and Galaxy A71 smartphones in India. Some of these features may also be available on other smartphones, but all of AltZLife’s content is specifically designed for the Indian market.

In the ultimate private mode function, users can switch from normal mode to private mode at any time. The same is true for apps like WhatsApp or Messenger, users can switch to private mode with a simple double-tap. All private versions of these apps are protected by Samsung Knox in the “safe folders” of these phones. Although the user does not need to be authenticated when switching from the private mode to the normal mode, when the user double-clicks the power button in the normal mode, authentication is required before entering the private mode of the application.

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