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Samsung introduces Dropship feature [a new method for sharing files]

To share a file between distinct Android and iOS devices, various options are available. For Android users, it includes Bluetooth, NFC, Nearby Share, and particular OEMs.  

Samsung has introduced a unique option for sending files. This feature is termed Dropship. The Dropship feature will enable sharing of file to iOS devices. However, in accordance with some sources, the feature will be very limited.

Compared to other functions, the Dropship feature will operate differently. It will not operate via Bluetooth. Rather it will require an internet connection on both devices. However, it doesn’t entitle the devices to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network. The dropship app could be downloaded from the Samsung Galaxy store. Once downloaded, you can access the files to send. These files could be accessed within the app’s native file navigator or from another app. Before sending the file a link, as well as a QR code, will be generated. This is noticeable as you can receive the file in either of the two ways.

The first way implies that the link will end with 6 digit code unique to each file. To receive the file,

  1. Open Dropship app
  2. Select the option of Receive file
  3. Type the digits
  4. Files will begin to download

QR method is simple and direct. Just scan the code with the device from which you will receive the file. As soon as the code is scanned the file will begin downloading.

The dropship feature is quite limited

There are a few limitations associated with the Dropship feature. These are as follows:

  1. Requirement of One UI 5.0: this version of Android skin is not yet available on a mass scale.
  2. Samsung Good Lock Module: unavailable to lower-end Samsung phones. Additionally, it is also unavailable in certain regions.
  3. Size limitation: only 5GB of data could be shared per day. For sending big files you have to use a different method.

Given these limitations, we are hoping that the solutions will soon be crafted. So that the users could enjoy the new Dropship feature with ease.