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Samsung is aiming to sell more OLED panels to the gaming smartphone manufacturers

Samsung is now focusing aggressively targeting the gaming smartphone market with its OLED panel for the gaming smartphones.

Samsung holds the title to be the world’s biggest smartphone OLED panel maker. The company is now focusing aggressively on targeting the gaming smartphone market.

Samsung’s 6.78-inch OLED panel, having a native refresh rate of 120Hz, is used in the recently released gaming smartphone, the ASUS ROG Phone 5. The display has 1 billion colours, Full HD+ resolution, HDR10+, and 1,200 nits of peak brightness.

The company said earlier that it now aims to sell such OLED panels to more brands that are making gaming smartphones. Samsung Display also said that its latest high-refresh-rate OLED panel received the ‘Seamless Display’ certification from Swiss firm SGS S.A. – one of the world’s leading certification firms.

It further said that Samsung’s newest OLED panel comes with an industry-leading motion picture response time of 11ms and a blur length of 0.7mm. The Swiss firm also awarded the ‘Eye Care Display’ certification to the company’s OLED panel.

According to stats, many companies, including Samsung, have been delivering smartphones with high-refresh-rate displays to offer gamers a cutting-edge experience. Since the coronavirus outbreak, people have been staying at home, practicing social distancing, which has increased the number of people playing online games on computers, gaming consoles, and smartphones. Taking advantage of this, companies are capitalizing on that market by offering gaming smartphones with fast processors and high-refresh-rate displays. Similarly, Samsung’s own Galaxy smartphones and tablets use 120Hz OLED displays for a smoother experience.

It is said that the company has a huge lead in the smartphone OLED market, and it’s also manufacturing laptops since 2019.