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Samsung is unveiling a true zero-bezel TV


Samsung may before long follow through on its guarantee of bezel-free TVs. The Elec sources state the organization intends to present a zero-bezel TV at CES 2020 toward the beginning of January, with large scale manufacturing beginning in February. While the better subtleties aren’t accessible, the structure supposedly welds the display and fundamental body “more closely” to wipe out the standard borders on sets 65 inches and bigger. What’s more, it does not mean to dispense with – this as far as anyone knows “really doesn’t have a bezel,” one source said.

The organization hasn’t affirmed anything, and we’d think about the case while taking other factors into consideration. In any case, there are motivations to accept this may be something other than a hypothesis. Over Samsung’s prior work, the organization trademarked the “Zero Bezel” brand name prior in the year. Nor is an assurance you’ll see something at CES. The public exhibition is frequently Samsung’s favoured scene for TV presentations.

It’s safe to assume that any conceivable without bezel TV would be costly. Samsung built up the essential chip in light of 8K, and the blend of an outlandish structure with an enormous board could make even ‘ordinary’ 8K TVs appear deals. Much like other leader TVs of years past, you may be paying as much for boasting rights as you are for the fundamental innovation.

Right on schedule, Samsung has posted a dubious teaser for its CES occasion January sixth, prodding a vacant shape and “The Age of Experience.” Whether or not so age is bezel-less, we’ll discover in Las Vegas.

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