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Samsung Launches 45W and 65W Power Adapter Trio

Samsung Charger

Samsung is bringing two new power supplies for mobile devices onto the market in the coming weeks, which will ensure that rumors of possible support for faster charging for the Samsung Galaxy S22 series arise again.

With the introduction of new flagship smartphones at the beginning of the year, Samsung is almost traditionally refreshing its range of accessories. This will also be the case with the Galaxy S22 and its sister models. An indication of this is the imminent availability of the new Samsung 45W Fast Charging Adapter with a USB Type-C port, which bears the model number EP-T4510.

So far, little information is known about the new model, but it is basically a simple 45-watt power supply with a USB Type-C port, which in most cases is supplied without an enclosed cable. Various dealers are already listing the device and want to deliver at the beginning of December at prices of around 30 euros.

Some observers are now speculating that the launch of a new 45-watt power supply means that Samsung will finally make the jump to the 45-watt maximum charging power again with the smartphones of the Galaxy S22 series, after only a maximum of the last generation of top smartphones 25 watts of charging power supported.

Of course, this is still anything but confirmed, so it is not certain whether and which models of the S22 support the more powerful power supply. It would be conceivable that Samsung would again use a maximum of 25 watts in the cheaper models S22 and S22 Plus, while the S22 Ultra is the only model that supports 45 watts. This would not be unusual, as Samsung has already done this with the Galaxy S20 series.

Samsung 65W Charger Trio

Also new is the Samsung Power Adapter Trio 65W, which, as its name suggests, has three USB ports. The Trio-Charger will be available on the market from mid-December at a price of 59.90 euros roughly $68 and offers a maximum charging power of 65 watts. USB Power Delivery is also supported so that it is possible to charge a notebook using Super Fast Charging 2.0 via the 65W port.

Samsung 65W Power Adapter Trio EP-T6530

Alternatively, you can quickly charge a smartphone via the 25W second USB-C and the 15W USB-A port. If you use several ports in order to charge several devices at the same time, they have to share the power. If all three ports are occupied, the USB-C port with PD, for example, only delivers 35 watts, while the second USB-C port provides 25 watts and the USB-A port only delivers 5 watts.

Performance using single ports

  • 1 port USB Type-C (max.65W)
  • 1 port USB Type-C (max.25W)
  • 1 port USB Type-A (max.15W)

Performance when using multiple ports

  • USB-C1 + USB-C2 = 40W + 25W
  • USB-C1 + USB-A = 50W + 15W
  • USB-C2 + USB-A = 25W + 15W
  • USB-C1 + USB-C2 + USB-A = 35W + 25W + 5W