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Samsung Makes Fun of Apple in a New Ad

Samsung mocks at the last ten years of Apple and its iPhone release including the controversial iPhone X launch. In the ad, Samsung has suggested that iPhone in last ten years has just gone backward. There has been no progress whatsoever.

2010- Storage limits

2013- No stylus

2015- Not Water Resistant

2016- Dongles instead of wireless charging

The taunt has been made on storage limitations of the phone, no stylus or a big screen and for a long time, the phone was not water resistant.  The main individual in the ad is an iPhone lover even though the phone is offering nothing new to him as per the ad. The girl he likes has Samsung Galaxy while he remains stuck with iPhone. Then with iPhone 7 release, the guy was compelled to use dongles. They are portrayed as small bits that a user use and loses easily and then waste more money replacing. While his love interest has wireless charging, he being an Apple fan has cables and dongles.


At last, in 2017 the iPhone lover finally realizes that he should have a phone that makes life easier rather than complicated. The video ends showing him walking in the street, completely content with Samsung Galaxy as his cult fellows wait in line for iPhone X.

So what the ad is showing is that for ten years an individual was loyal to iPhone until he realizes its worth nothing and finally he grows up.

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Apple has yet made no response to this humiliating ad.

The ad says, “Upgrade to Galaxy.” Though there are not many people who easily switch from one brand to another.

iPhone X release was not a smooth one for Apple and Samsung with this ad wants to make sure that people don’t forget it.

“The Church of Appleology is a con,” Samsung believes.