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Samsung Plans To Launch Galaxy Note 21 After All

Note 21

It was recently announced that Samsung is said to have already discontinued the Galaxy Note series. However, that doesn’t necessarily seem to be the case. According to a recent report, the Galaxy Note 21 will still be available in 2021. The device should only appear in one variant.

Appears To Have One Version

As ETNews writes, Samsung wants to bring a Galaxy Note 21 onto the market in the coming year. In contrast to the previous models, however, there will no longer be a Plus or Ultra version. This means that the Note 21 will only be available in one version. This should then be the last member of the Galaxy Note series.

S-Pen Available For Other Models

In addition to the Samsung Galaxy Note 21, the Galaxy S21 models and the Galaxy Z Fold 3 will appear next year. Both the foldable and the ultra-version of the Galaxy S21 should have S-Pen support. While the S-Pen is optional on the Galaxy S21, the digital pen is included with the Galaxy Z Fold 3. Support for the S-Pen was previously reserved exclusively for the models in the Galaxy Note series.

Names Are Not Known Yet

Since S-Pen support will no longer be an exclusive benefit of the Galaxy Note series from next year and the sales figures for the Note 20 have plummeted anyway, many experts have expected that there will be no Galaxy Note 21 anymore. Instead, the Galaxy Z Fold 3 should serve as the successor. At the moment, it is still largely unclear under which names the three new smartphones are to be offered and with which components the devices are equipped.