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Samsung registers brand-new, catchy names for its zoom camera sensors

Samsung 200MP Camera Sensor

The South Korean tech firm introduces its flagship smartphones with some of the best zoom photography cameras. The most notable are the ones provided with the Galaxy S Ultra flagships and foldable. Currently, the flagships by the company utilize Sony’s sensors for zoom cameras. However, there is a chance that in the future Samsung might switch to its own ISOCELL sensors. This information is based on the indication that the company has requested the protection of trademarks Isocell Zoom and Isocell Zoom Pro in the UK.

Isocell Zoom and Isocell Zoom Pro by Samsung

The ISOCELL sensors by Samsung are available in the market for quite some time now. The flagships by Samsung come with a mix of both Sony and Samsung image sensors. However, Samsung has introduced the Galaxy S23 Ultra, particularly with its own 200MP ISOCELL sensor.  However, the company has not used the term Zoom with its ISOCELL sensors before.

It makes us think about whether the company is planning something new or different for the Galaxy S24 series, once again for the Galaxy S24 Ultra. Since some rumors suggest that the S24 Ultra could come with a single zoom camera with 150x zoom and flexible zoom capacity. Given this Samsung’s desire to trademark its new ISOCELL sensor designations only serves to increase the likelihood that the corporation will make changes with its upcoming flagship.

Well, all these are just assumptions. Since the trademark applications are not a clue that the related product will make its way to the market in the future. However, things will get clear with time.