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Samsung SDI is going to construct a new battery factory in Hungary

BMW is a German car manufacturer company. According to a recent publication by Th Elec, the tech giant Samsung is going to set up a construction plant in Göd, Hungary. Reportedly, this new factory will be primarily dedicated to manufacturing batteries for electric cars. The report suggests that Samsung will manufacture the batteries in consistent with the guidelines and specifications provided by BMW.

In the same region, Samsung already has two plants. These are named Plant 1 and Plant 2. Both these plants are associated with battery manufacturing. Following the same pattern, the tech company will install the new plant reportedly Plant 3 in the same location. Back in 2016, Plant 1 and Plant 2 were transformed not battery manufacturing units from CRT and PDP. The report suggests that the tech company has acquired the land for the factory. It is going to invest around KRW 1 trillion in the new unit. The facility is expected to manufacture almost 12 million cells per month. The production will be spread across 15 to 20 production lines.

In 2009, the tech company Samsung and the car manufacturer BMW collaborated. This collaboration was concerned with the lithium-ion batteries for the company’s i-series electric cars. Recently, the top officials of the two companies had a meeting for discussing the future prospects of this partnership. It now appears that the construction of a new battery unit in Hungary is a direct result of this meeting.

It is anticipated that Samsung will manufacture a new EV battery at the future plant. It will reportedly be the prismatic battery. In contrast to the 5th Gen of Zen battery, the upcoming battery is expected to lower the center of gravity in electric cars. Since it will be wider and shorter. The stability and control of a vehicle increase with the lower center of gravity. In addition to this, the report suggests that Samsung could utilize some different materials for prismatic batteries.

The SDI division of the tech giant Samsung is making steady progress in its respective field. In 2022, the South Korean firm featured one of the latest battery techs at the IAA Transportation exhibition. With EVs on the rise, Samsung managed to gain high profits in Q3 2022.

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