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Samsung secures the top rank by filing 8,513 patents in the US in 2022

For a couple of past years, International Business Machines Corp., IBM, has secured the top rank in terms of filing patents in the US. But with the year 2022, things seem to have changed. Likely the company has shifted its strategy. That is why it only filed 4,743 patents.

What is more exciting is that the well-known IBM company has lost its position to Samsung. Yes, you read it right. Samsung has secured the top rank in the number of patents [8,513] registered in the US in 2022. IBM is present at the second rank in the list. However, LG Electronics make it to the third position with 4,580 patent registrations. This is a 5% increase in the number of patents by LG Electronics. On the other hand, IBM was down by 44% in contrast to the patents filed in 2021.

For almost 29 years IBM has maintained the top position in patent registrations in the US. However, the recent shift seems to be because of a decline in patent registration for various techs like hardware memory, semiconductors, and others. Reportedly, IBM began to shift its strategy in 2020. According to the research head Dario Gil of IBM, the company has decided to move beyond the number game in patent leadership. However, the company will keep up with the intellectual property powerhouse. We will continue to have the strongest and most powerful profile in our concerned technologies worldwide.

The officials of the IBM company further added that from 1996 to 2022, the company earned huge revenue from intellectual property rights i.e., about $27 billion. As of now, it seems like the company is shifting its target areas. it is becoming more inclined towards AI chips, hybrid cloud computing, cyber security, and quantum computing.

Before 2022, Samsung was trailing behind IBM. Samsung has continued to issue thousands of patents since 2017. The primary focus was voice communication and visual display systems. However, in 2022, the tech giant is successfully securing the top rank in the list. Besides Samsung, IBM, and LG Electronics, Toyota made it to the fourth place with 3,056 patents, Canon to fifth with 3,046 patents, and TSMC secured the sixth position in the list with 3,038 patents.

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