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Samsung shipped 11.8 million wearables in Q1 2021 and ranked 2nd

Samsung scored a second position while selling 11.8 million wearables in Q1 of 2021 worldwide.

Samsung Wearables

In Q1 of 2021, Samsung shipped a total of 11.8 million wearable devices. The company stood at second position in shipping its wearables. These wearable include smartwatches, fitness bands, and wireless earbuds.

According to a report, the company also stood at number two in Europe after Apple, with 3.5 million shipments in Q1.

Moreover, we also learned that Samsung experienced 35.7% year-over-year growth in the global market in Q1 2021. A year earlier, i.e., in Q1 of 2020, the company shipped 8.7 million wearable.

On the other hand, Apple shipped a total of 30.1 million wearables and captured a market share of 28.8% after these two big names came to Xiaomi, which shipped 10.2 million devices and captured 9.7% of the wearable market the same quarter.

According to the source, Samsung’s shipments in Q1 were greatly assisted by its truly wireless earbuds, including the Galaxy Buds Live, the Galaxy Buds+, and the Galaxy Buds Pro.

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