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Samsung Starts Mass Production Of Galaxy Fold 2 Launch In August Expected

Galaxy Fold 2

The next smartphone with foldable screen from Samsung is now going into the mass production before its official launch expected in August.

In early 2019, Samsung announced its first foldable screen smartphone, the Galaxy Fold, released only in September after problems with screen fragility.

After an intermediate version Galaxy Z Flip offering a flap format unveiled in early 2020, the Korean group is preparing for the month of August a Galaxy Fold 2 with a technical sheet updated.

If it should use the same format as the initial model, with a device that folds like a book and the flexible screen on the inside, the plastic substrate will be replaced by UTG glass (Ultra-Thin Glass) and the smartphone will switch to Snapdragon 865 with its 5G modem.

According to the Korean press, the Galaxy Fold 2 has already entered mass production, according to a calendar in phase with a presentation in August at the same time as the Galaxy Note 20 series.

It should benefit from a lower price than the price of more than $2,200 of the initial Galaxy Fold, taking advantage of a better mastery of production techniques and a larger volume, which could reach three million units for the August, instead of 500,000 units for the launch of the Galaxy Fold last year. It should not meet a lot of competition, even if Motorola could launch a new RAZR flip format smartphone and this time compatible 5G. 

The threat from Huawei and new Mate X smartphones are averted by the maintenance of trade restrictions decided in the United States, which makes marketing outside of China very uncertain.