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Samsung Starts Preorders For Galaxy Chromebook 2 At $549.99

Samsung Chromebook 2

If you want to order Samsung’s best-selling Chromebook netbook before February 28, 2021, you can now book it on Samsung’s official website. Although the sales of Chromebooks have reached 30 million units, Samsung still hopes to open the pre-orders for the Galaxy Chromebook 2 as soon as possible to encourage consumers to start at a discounted price.

During this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2021), Samsung launched the Galaxy Chromebook 2 in red (Fiesta Red) and grey (Mercury Grey) colors, and there are many upgrades and improvements in the configuration.

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In addition to the QLED display and Gorilla protective glass, there is up to 178% audio output enhancement (thanks to Smart Amp technology). With the support of the latest Intel Core i3 processor, there is also Wi-Fi 6 wireless network + 13 hours of battery life.

Under the market strategy of improving quality and lowering prices, Samsung clearly hopes that through a new generation of Chromebook netbooks, it will put greater pressure on competing Windows PC products.

Even Microsoft’s operating system team has adjusted some options before reality to bring a Chrome OS-like experience to Windows 10 devices. It is reported that the starting price of Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2 is 549.99 US dollars. But customers who place an order before the end of the month can also enjoy a discount of $30-50.